Art, Architecture and Design in Scandinavia

Simplicity, elegance and egalitarianism. These are the hallmarks of Scandinavia’s fusion of sleek Modernism and artistic tradition that has given the world many of its art, architecture and design icons of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Begin in Copenhagen, the thriving heart of Danish Modernist design and Functionalist architecture which also boasts a wealth of traditional and contemporary art museums. Travel across the countryside of central Zealand to the Jutland peninsula to visit Århus, a centre for art and interior design, and Ålborg, home of the Jørn Utzon Centre honouring the architect of the Sydney Opera House. Explore Oslo, home of famous Expressionist artist Edvard Munch, where traditional Norwegian vernacular architecture now meets Functionalism and a renewed Aesthetics movement. Continue to beautiful Balestrand, whose mountains and fjords inspired many 20th century landscape painters. Conclude in Bergen, the fjord city where Hanseatic architecture meets modern Scandinavian street art.

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This tour is part of the World Art Tours program organised by the Art Gallery Society of NSW in partnership with Renaissance Tours.

Per person, twin-share (approximately)

AUD 10,000

Single Supplement* (approximately)

AUD 2,750

*Single travellers may request to share.
Please advise at time of booking.