Our Tour Leaders

All of our tours are led by academics and experts in their field who will share their passion and knowledge with you in lectures, talks and throughout the tour. Click on their profile to find out more about them.

Peter Bassett

Peter Bassett was Dramaturg and Artistic Administrator for the 2004 Adelaide Ring and is a regular contributor to the programs of Opera Australia and other companies. He has published widely on Wagner’s works, recorded talks on the Ring for Decca, and has lectured in Europe, North America and throughout Australia and New Zealand. He is Immediate Past-President of the Wagner Society in Queensland. For two decades Peter served in the Australian diplomatic service and since 2001 he has led 40 overseas tours for Renaissance Tours.


Current Tours:

The Brisbane Ring (Cycle I)  |  30 November – 08 December 2023 (9 days)

The Brisbane Ring (Cycle II)  |  07 – 15 December 2023 (9 days)

The Brisbane Ring (Cycle III)  |  14 – 22 December 2023 (9 days)



“Peter Bassett is an acknowledged expert on Wagner in general and The Ring in particular. His talks were very informative and of high value to the audience. He is a very personable man and makes you feel at ease. An excellent tour leader.”
Jan C.  |  The San Francisco Ring, 2018


“We have heard and seen Peter Bassett before. We have read his book on the Ring. He is extremely knowledgeable, well organised, easy to talk to and calm when problems arise, like people forgetting their tickets! Liked him very much as a tour leader.”
Chris B.  |  Wagner’s Ring in Washington, 2016


“Very knowledgeable, nice friendly, personality. He looked after and socialised with the group which was great.”
Jill B.  |  Wagner’s Ring in Washington, 2016