Our Calendar

Date Tour Theme Availability
26/05/2016 TEST EMAIL FIELDS None Available
11/03/2018 From the Sahara to the Sea Art On request
27/03/2018 Easter at the Berlin State Opera Opera On request
04/04/2018 La Bella Vita Gourmet On request
06/04/2018 ASQ Weekend of Music Short-Breaks Available
08/04/2018 William Morris in Adelaide Short-Breaks On request
12/04/2018 Sydney Opera, Music and Art Weekend Short-Breaks On request
20/04/2018 Serendipitous Sri Lanka Asian-Encounters On request
23/04/2018 Autumn Country Gardens of NSW Gardens On request
23/04/2018 Autumn on Monaro Short-Breaks On request
24/04/2018 The Riches of Eastern Italy Art Available
27/04/2018 2018 Canberra International Music Festival Short-Breaks Available
29/04/2018 William Morris in Adelaide Short-Breaks On request
04/05/2018 Gardens of the Amalfi Coast, Sicily and Malta Gardens Available
17/05/2018 New York Spring Ballet Spectacular Music-and-Ballet Available
18/05/2018 A Road Less Travelled Art On request
19/05/2018 Gozo Gardens Available
22/05/2018 Auckland Art Fair 2018 Art Available
01/06/2018 Serendipitous Sri Lanka Asian-Encounters Available
02/06/2018 Vancouver, Banff and Lake Louise aboard the ‘Rocky Mountaineer’ Art Available
04/06/2018 Great Gardens of Scotland Gardens Available
08/06/2018 Behind the Scenery Art Available
08/06/2018 Hamburg State Opera, Kunsthalle and Elbephilharmonie Art On request
11/06/2018 The Elbe Art and Music Cruise Art On request
14/06/2018 Masterworks from MoMA in Melbourne Art Available
18/06/2018 The San Francisco Ring Opera On request
21/06/2018 Modern Art and Architecture in America Art Available
25/06/2018 Beauty and the Abyss: Modernism in Vienna Art Available
05/07/2018 Opéra à la française Opera On request
05/07/2018 Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition Short-Breaks Available
16/07/2018 Art, Architecture and Design in Scandinavia Art Available
20/07/2018 Singapore Garden Festival 2018 Gardens Available
30/07/2018 Music in the Mountains Music-and-Ballet Available
31/07/2018 Post-tour to Iceland Art Available
05/08/2018 William Morris in Adelaide Short-Breaks Available
09/08/2018 Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 2018 Art Available
10/08/2018 Tanglewood and Marlboro Music-and-Ballet Available
17/08/2018 Tristan und Isolde in Perth Short-Breaks Available
17/08/2018 Masterworks from MoMA in Melbourne Short-Breaks Available
19/08/2018 The Edinburgh Festival 2018 Music-and-Ballet Available
04/09/2018 Hidden Art Spaces of Northern Japan Art On request
11/09/2018 From the Italian Alps to Puglia Gardens Available
21/09/2018 Iberian Mosaic Art Available
23/09/2018 Ravello Gardens Available
25/09/2018 William Morris in Adelaide Short-Breaks On request
25/09/2018 Persian Paradox Art Available
25/09/2018 Spartacus Music-and-Ballet Available
03/10/2018 Opera Bellissima Opera On request
05/10/2018 Cyprus, Rhodes and Ancient Ionia Art Available
07/10/2018 Journey Along the Silk Road Art Available
07/10/2018 Sea, Stones and Stories Literary Available
07/10/2018 More than Meets the Eye Art Available
10/10/2018 Deep in the Art of Texas Art Available
13/10/2018 Palaces, Pleasure-Domes and Gardens Art Available
16/10/2018 The Frankincense Route Art Available
16/10/2018 Kyoto Post-tour Art Available
19/10/2018 Gardens of New Zealand Gardens Available
24/10/2018 Spring Gardens of Victoria Gardens On request
25/10/2018 Tasmanian Chamber Music Festival Short-Breaks Available
28/10/2018 Gardens of Tasmania Gardens Available
02/11/2018 Food and Wine in Tasmania Gourmet Available
04/11/2018 William Morris in Adelaide Short-Breaks On request
11/11/2018 New Art Spaces of the Arabian Peninsula Art Available
12/11/2018 Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg Opera Available
15/11/2018 Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg Opera Available
17/11/2018 Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg Opera Available
17/11/2018 Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg Opera Available
10/01/2019 Eternal Egypt Art Available
20/01/2019 Singapore Art Week 2019 Art On request
22/01/2019 The Frankincense Route Art Available
28/01/2019 Tour to Alexandria Art Available
04/02/2019 Gardens of Sri Lanka Gardens On request
05/02/2019 Symphonies of America Music-and-Ballet On request
19/02/2019 Perth Festival 2019 Short-Breaks On request
11/03/2019 Lands of the Lotus Art On request
01/04/2019 Art Deco to Art Now Art On request
13/04/2019 From Homer to Caravaggio Art Available
13/04/2019 Salzburg Easter Festival Music On request
27/04/2019 Gozo Art Available
28/04/2019 The Ring at the Met Opera Available
01/05/2019 Viva España! Opera On request
10/05/2019 Cathar Castles and Catalan Cathedrals Art On request
20/05/2019 Glorious Gardens of Great Britain Gardens Available
27/05/2019 Gardens of the Adriatic Gardens On request
07/06/2019 A Road Less Travelled Art Available
10/06/2019 Ionian Odyssey Gardens On request
11/06/2019 St Petersburg to Moscow on the Volga Dream Art On request
12/06/2019 The Ring on the Rhine Opera On request
24/06/2019 Treasures of the Emerald Isle Art On request
27/06/2019 Poland and the Baltics Art On request
31/08/2019 Romanian Rhapsody Music On request
01/09/2019 Journey Along the Silk Road: Uzbekistan Art On request
01/09/2019 Persian Paradox Art On request
01/09/2019 Crossroads of Culture Art On request
11/09/2019 Art, Music and Wine in The South of France Art On request
12/09/2019 Romanian Rhapsody Music On request
01/10/2019 Puglia and Southern Italy Art On request
01/10/2019 New Eyes on New York and New England Art On request
13/10/2019 Setouchi Triennale 2019 Art On request
25/10/2019 Into the Sahara: Algeria Art On request
29/10/2019 Gardens of South Africa Gardens On request
29/10/2019 Gardens of New Caledonia Gardens On request
01/11/2019 Havana Biennale and Miami Art Fair Art On request
01/11/2019 Ethiopia: The Heart of African Civilisation Art On request