Our Calendar

Date Tour Theme Availability
26/05/2016 TEST EMAIL FIELDS None Available
05/02/2019 Music, Opera and Ballet in North America Music On request
23/02/2019 Wagner’s Parsifal in Melbourne ShortBreaks Available
03/03/2019 Adelaide Festival 2019 ShortBreaks Available
01/04/2019 Landscapes of the New South Wales South Coast Gardens On request
04/04/2019 Sydney Theatre and Opera Weekend ShortBreaks Available
07/04/2019 Paradise Gardens of Persia Gardens Available
13/04/2019 From Homer to Caravaggio Art Available
16/04/2019 Easter in Vienna and Salzburg Opera Available
19/04/2019 Art Deco to Art Now Art Available
27/04/2019 Gozo Art Available
28/04/2019 The Ring at the Met Opera Available
28/04/2019 Gardens of the Adriatic Gardens Available
03/05/2019 Canberra International Music Festival 2019 ShortBreaks Available
09/05/2019 The Land Beyond the Sunrise Art Available
11/05/2019 Cathar Castles and Catalan Cathedrals Art Available
12/05/2019 William Morris in Adelaide ShortBreaks Available
15/05/2019 ¡Opera Olé! Opera Available
17/05/2019 Iberian Kaleidoscope Gardens Available
20/05/2019 Glorious Gardens of Great Britain Gardens Available
24/05/2019 A Road Less Travelled Art On request
09/06/2019 Ionian Odyssey Gardens Available
11/06/2019 St Petersburg to Moscow on the Volga Dream Cruises Available
12/06/2019 The Ring on the Rhine Opera Available
16/06/2019 To Russia with Love Music Available
21/06/2019 Treasures of the Emerald Isle Art Available
21/06/2019 Poland and the Baltics Art Available
22/06/2019 Classical Ballets of Europe Ballet Available
25/06/2019 Trasimeno Music Festival MusicandBallet Available
26/06/2019 Tour to Tolstoy’s estate Art Available
28/06/2019 Bolshoi Ballet in Brisbane Ballet Available
29/06/2019 Post-tour to St Petersburg Music Available
29/06/2019 The Farewell Concerts of Zubin Mehta Music Available
01/07/2019 Music, Ballet and Art in Melbourne Ballet Available
07/07/2019 Savonlinna Opera Festival Art Available
11/07/2019 NGV Melbourne Winter Masterpieces 2019 Art Available
04/08/2019 William Morris in Adelaide ShortBreaks Available
06/08/2019 Opera Bellissima Opera Available
30/08/2019 Romanian Rhapsody Music Available
02/09/2019 Italy in the Footsteps of Dickens Art Available
07/09/2019 Champagne wine tour Cruises Available
08/09/2019 Art of the Côte d’Azur Art Available
11/09/2019 Art, Music and Wine in The South of France Art Available
11/09/2019 Treasures of Transylvania Music Available
11/09/2019 Romanian Rhapsody Music Available
12/09/2019 Journey Along the Silk Road: Uzbekistan Art On request
12/09/2019 Hills and Vales of South Australia Gardens Available
17/09/2019 From Morris to Mackintosh Art Available
21/09/2019 Paris Through an Artist’s Eyes Cruises Available
21/09/2019 Wines of Burgundy Cruises Available
23/09/2019 Treasures of Transylvania Music Available
30/09/2019 Cyprus: Crossroads of Culture Art Available
02/10/2019 Opera, Music and Art in New Zealand ShortBreaks Available
13/10/2019 Puglia and Southern Italy Art Available
13/10/2019 From the Sahara to the Sea Art Available
13/10/2019 Setouchi Triennale 2019 Art On request
18/10/2019 Museums, Mansions and Masterpieces Art Available
18/10/2019 Gardens of New Caledonia Gardens Available
21/10/2019 Land of Berbers, Carthaginians and Romans: Tunisia Art Available
24/10/2019 Tasmanian Chamber Music Festival ShortBreaks On request
29/10/2019 Colours of South Africa Gardens Available
01/11/2019 Food and Wine in South Australia and Kangaroo Island ShortBreaks Available
01/11/2019 Stemme and Lundgren in Hobart ShortBreaks Available
04/11/2019 Japanese Gardens, Art and Architecture Gardens Available
04/11/2019 Into the Sahara: Algeria Art Available
12/11/2019 Ethiopia: The Heart of African Civilisation Art Available
12/11/2019 Post-Tour to Victoria Falls Gardens Available
14/11/2019 New Art Spaces of Tasmania ShortBreaks Available
27/11/2019 Art Revival: From Cuba to Miami Art Available
16/12/2019 Christmas in Germany Opera On request
01/01/2020 The Ring in Leipzig Opera On request
07/01/2020 Russian Winter Wonderland Art Available
18/02/2020 End of Empires Art On request
01/03/2020 Mariinsky Ballet Festival MusicandBallet On request
01/04/2020 In the Footsteps of Michelangelo Art On request
01/04/2020 The Heart of Scotland Art On request
01/04/2020 Tapas and Vino Gourmet On request
26/04/2020 The Chicago Ring 2020 Opera Available
27/04/2020 Journey Along the Silk Road – Iran Art On request
27/04/2020 Eternal Design Art On request
01/05/2020 Moorish Mosaic Art On request
01/05/2020 Art and Music Cruise on the Rhine Cruises On request
01/05/2020 Sea, Stones and Stories Art On request
14/05/2020 In the Footsteps of the Tudor Monarchs Art On request
15/05/2020 Art Nouveau and the Belle Époque Art On request
22/05/2020 A Road Less Travelled Art On request
01/06/2020 Mongolia Art On request
29/06/2020 Cutting-Edge Contemporary Art On request
01/08/2020 Peru’s Cities of Gold Art On request
01/09/2020 Art and Culture of the Central Balkans Art On request
01/09/2020 Hidden Treasures of Central Asia Art On request
28/09/2020 The Papal States Art On request
30/09/2020 Food and Wine of the Margaret River ShortBreaks On request
01/10/2020 From Celadon to Samsung: South Korea Art On request
01/10/2020 Journey Along the Silk Road Art On request
01/10/2020 Oku-Noto Triennale Art On request
01/10/2020 The Janacek Festival Opera On request
01/10/2020 Opera Bellissima Opera On request
05/10/2020 Autumn Colours of Japan Gardens On request
26/10/2020 Modern Art and Architecture of the US West Coast Art On request
01/11/2020 Ethiopia: The Heart of African Civilisation Art On request
10/11/2020 The Birth of Civilisation Cruises On request