Asian Encounters

It’s the Asian Century and this exciting, dynamic continent is right on our doorstep, inviting exploration. Experience Asia’s thriving contemporary arts scene, traditional culture and history, and marvel at the unique coexistence of ancient and modern in peaceful harmony. This region is brimming with creativity, innovation and vibrancy. And of course there’s the cuisine…

Autumn Colours of Japan

Classical and contemporary gardens of northern Japan

with Helen Young

01–16 October 2017 (16 days)


More than Meets the Eye

Contemporary art, architecture and design in Japan

with Kathryn Hunyor

07–19 October 2017 (13 days)


Bhutan: the Last Himalayan Kingdom

Mountains and Monasteries

with Joyce Morgan

07–21 October 2017 (15 days)

Bhutan has sweeping mountains, towering fortress-monasteries and a rich Buddhist culture expressed in its multitude of festivals.


Nara – Kyoto

with Renaissance Tours

19–24 October 2017 (6 days)

Designed as a post-tour to More than Meets the Eye, this tour can be booked on its own.

The Critic’s Choice: China and Taiwan

Contemporary Art in Taipei and Beijing, Plus Hong Kong Art Week

with John McDonald

15–25 March 2018 (11 days)


Hong Kong Art Week 2018

Hong Kong

with James Cao

25–29 March 2018 (5 days)

**NOW OPEN FOR SALE** Designed as an optional extension to The Critic’s Choice: China and Taiwan, this tour can be booked on its own.

Serendipitous Sri Lanka

Ancient Cities, Colonial Heritage, Wildlife and Nature

with Richard Mendis

20 April – 06 May 2018 (17 days)


Spring Gardens of Japan

Kyoto, Kanazawa and Hokkaido

with Jennifer Stackhouse

30 May – 13 June 2018 (15 days)


Singapore Garden Festival 2018


with Helen Young

20–25 July 2018 (6 days)

**NOW OPEN FOR SALE** Book early and save!

Hidden Art Spaces of Northern Japan

Tokyo to Sapporo

with John McBride, AM

04-18 September 2018 (15 days)


Persian Paradox

From Ancient Persepolis to Modern Iran

with Christopher Allen

25 September – 08 October 2018 (14 days)

From Tehran in the north to Isfahan and Yazd in the centre and Shiraz in the south, explore the extraordinary historical, archaeological and cultural legacy…

Journey Along the Silk Road

Xi'an to Kashgar

with Joyce Morgan

07–29 October 2018 (23 days)

**NOW OPEN FOR SALE* Book and deposit by 30 September 2017 and receive a signed copy of Joyce Morgan’s Journeys on the Silk Road