Hidden Treasures of Central Asia

Uncover the wonders of Central Asia’s most diverse countries, exploring the ancient Sogdian cities of Samarkand and Penjikent, the spectacular Ala-Too Mountains and the modern city of Bishkek.

Experience the intriguing blend of ancient roots and Soviet history in the vibrant countries of today’s Central Asia. Explore Uzbekistan’s Persian heritage, including the exquisite Sogdian murals of Afrasiab in Timurid Golden Samarkand. In Tajikistan, cross the rugged Pamir Mountains, trace the Panj River and descend into the stunning natural beauty of the Wakhan Valley. Then visit the unchanging, storied landscapes of Kyrgyzstan on a journey through the ancient city of Osh to the serene Lake Toktogul.

Information available September/October 2019. Please click ‘Register Interest’ to receive further information when more details are available.


This tour is part of the World Art Tours program organised by the Art Gallery Society of NSW in partnership with Renaissance Tours.

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