Embark on a fascinating cultural adventure across Brazil, where the synergy of art and architecture forms a rich mosaic of art and design. 

At a Glance

  • Be immersed in the dynamic Sao Paulo Biennale, the world’s second-oldest art biennial 
  • Discover Sao Paulo’s cultural wealth through its significant museum collections and indigenous art 
  • Be inspired by Belo Horizonte and the enchanting Inhotim, a sprawling art park that merges the natural surroundings with contemporary art 
  • Experience the modernist architectural wonders of Brasilia, the nation’s designed capital 

Dive into the vibrant Sao Paulo Biennale, the second oldest art biennial in the world, exploring the visionary pavilion designed by the iconic architect Oscar Niemeyer. 

Uncover Sao Paulo’s rich cultural heritage through its significant museum collections and indigenous art, that unveil the diverse narratives that shape this dynamic nation.   

Then, discover the intriguing city of Belo Horizonte and be immersed in the botanical wonderland of Inhotim, an expansive art park blending nature and contemporary art.  

Finally, witness the modernist marvels of the country’s capital, Brasilia, revealing its architectural highlights that narrate Brazil’s avant-garde history.

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This tour is part of the World Art Tours program organised by the Art Gallery Society of NSW in partnership with Renaissance Tours.


November 2025 (15 days)

Tour leader

Gitte Weise

Tour Status

On request

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Tour code: AG2520

Fitness level: Moderate
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