Our Tour Leaders

All of our tours are led by academics and experts in their field who will share their passion and knowledge with you in lectures, talks and throughout the tour. Click on their profile to find out more about them.

Elizabeth Swane

Elizabeth Swane is a member of one of Australia’s best-known nursery and rose-growing families. As an experienced horticulturist, she has been a regular guest on ABC Radio Sydney gardening talkback for over 20 years. She is also a garden writer who has written for a number of national magazines, including ABC Gardening Australia Magazine, Your Garden and Better Homes and Gardens. As garden writer for Regional Lifestyle, she has travelled all over NSW visiting beautiful country gardens. Elizabeth has led numerous garden tours to New Zealand, Australia and Japan.


Current Tours:

Gardens of the South Island  |  26 Nov – 10 Dec 2023 (15 days)

Spring Gardens of Japan  |  06 – 17 April 2024 (12 days)

Autumn Colours of New England  |  30 April – 07 May 2024 (8 days)

Autumn Gardens of Japan  |  23 Sep – 07 Oct 2024 (15 days)

Gardens of the South Island  |  24 Nov – 08 Dec 2024 (15 days)



“Elizabeth made the gardens come alive for us with her excellent knowledge.”
Denise S.  |  Gardens of the NSW Central West, 2023


“A delightful, interesting and knowledgeable leader. We were extremely fortunate to have her lead us.”
Marilyn J.  |  Spring Gardens of Japan, 2023


“I have travelled on many garden tours in Australia and overseas fortunately with many of our top guides, and I put Elizabeth up there with the best. She is knowledgeable, well organised, thoughtful, and caring.”
Bruce R.  |  Gardens of the NSW Central West, 2022


“I found her knowledge of plants remarkable. She has an enormous energy which is important as a tour leader.’’
Susan W.  |  Country Gardens of New Zealand, 2022


“Elizabeth was most charming and pleasant at all times; she was responsive and organised. She was the best tour leader I have ever had!”
Margot R.  |  History, Art and Landscapes of North West Tasmania, 2022


“Kind, friendly, helpful and above all, knowledgeable. Elizabeth was wonderful with all the group, regardless of their level of expertise about gardening.”
Jen R.  |  Gardens of the NSW Central West, 2022


“Elizabeth was terrific. She took so much trouble to make sure everyone was okay and to make our experience special. I’d certainly do another tour with her.”
Helen L.  |  Autumn Gardens of the Blue Mountains, 2022


“Elizabeth is a natural leader. Firm and friendly, she gives clear instructions and handles the mix of personalities and interests well. She is always cheerful and engaging.”
Ruth P.  |  History, Art and Landscapes of North West Tasmania, 2022


“Elizabeth was superb. She was caring, flexible, catered for unusual needs and ‘ran with the needs of people’. She was friendly and went out of her way to be informative and reassuring.”
Cheryl B.  |  Gardens of the NSW Central West, 2021


“Elizabeth was fantastic. Personable, caring and knowledgeable – an excellent tour leader.”
Jim C.  |  Autumn Gardens of the Blue Mountains, 2021


“Elizabeth is so generous with her time and enthusiastic as well as sharing her knowledge. It is hard not to get swept away – just fabulous.’’
Rhys W.  |  Private Gardens of the NSW Central Coast, 2020


“Elizabeth was most knowledgeable and helpful to everyone. Best leader of any garden tour I have done.’’
Boyd W.  |  Gardens of the South Island, 2020