Julian Droogan is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie University. Julian has a Ph.D. in Studies in Religions, and expertise in the material culture and history of ancient religions. His tours combine a focus on the art and archaeology of a region with a love of its religious, artistic and architectural heritage, while also paying attention to the dynamic forces at play in the modern world. Julian has presented popular Learning Curve series on the world’s religions (For God’s Sake 1, 2, and 3), as well as on the Silk Road, ancient India, and the medieval Islamic world. He has led World Art Tours through South and Central Asia, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Mexico.


Current Tours:

Sicily and Malta  |  15 – 28 September 2024 (14 days)

Lands of the Maya  |  21 January – 04 February 2025 (18 days)



Julian is the star attraction – an excellent tour leader and lecturer, and a good friend to us all.
Christine E.  |  Lands of Myths and Heroes, 2023


Julian was amazing, as usual. Kind and caring as well as brilliant and so interesting.
Sue D.  |  Into the Sahara: Algeria, 2019


He is unfailingly generous, knowledgeable, fun, approachable, helpful and wonderful to travel with.”
Dennis C.  |  The Frankincense Route, 2018


“Julian is enthusiastic, precise and able to convey his information in a manner that is easily understood. He is one of the best tour leaders I have encountered in the many trips I have undertaken with Renaissance Tours.
Mary O.  |  Through the Holy Lands: Israel and Palestine, 2017


“Julian is an outstanding tour leader. His enthusiasm and knowledge added so much to the trip.
Susan N.  |  Through the Holy Lands: Jordan, 2017

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