Thomas Abbott is a specialist in architectural history from the Baroque to the 20th century with a wide knowledge of the fine and performing arts. He graduated in Psychology and Art History from Carleton College, Minnesota and completed his graduate studies in the history of art and architecture at the Technical University of Berlin (Honors) with an emphasis on both Roman and German art and architecture. Residing in Berlin since 1987 and specialising in all that Berlin offers, Tom has led many successful cultural tours in Europe and the USA. Associated with the Foundation of Prussian Palaces and Gardens for over twenty years, Tom additionally has a particular interest in the German and Austrian architectural and artistic modern including the Bauhaus and Expressionism.



Thomas was extraordinarily knowledgeable in his own fields and so friendly and good company as well. We were so lucky to know him.’’
Maggie P.  |  European Art and Music Cruise, 2022


“Thomas Abbott was a legend!! We enjoyed his tours immensely and will never forget them.’’
Gary K.  |  The Elbe Art and Music Cruise, 2018


“What Thomas doesn’t know about German history, architecture, art and artefacts is simply not worth knowing. I learnt so much from them all that my head is still spinning.”
Jillian W.  |   The Elbe Art and Music Cruise, 2018

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