Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 2018

Travel to the world’s largest exhibition of Indigenous Australian art in Darwin, and experience the riches of Tiwi culture with a visit to Melville Island.

The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair gathers together the works of more than 50 Indigenous art centres and over 2,000 rising and established Indigenous artists from across the continent. The artworks exhibited range from canvas paintings to didgeridoos, sculpture, bark paintings, prints and fibre art, and cover a wealth of styles reflecting the distinct traditions of different tribal groups across Australia. Coinciding with the fair is the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, recognising the best of the year’s Indigenous art.

After three days in Darwin, travel to Melville Island, where the striking Tiwi artistic style of abstract and geometric patterns contrasts with the more familiar narrative style of mainland art.

Detailed information available September/October 2017. For further details, please click ‘Request Info’.


This tour is part of the World Art Tours program organised by the Art Gallery Society of NSW in partnership with Renaissance Tours.


Per person, twin-share (approximately)

AUD 3,500

Single supplement* (approximately)

AUD 1,250

*Single travellers may request to share.
Please advise at time of booking.