Phillip Sametz is a writer, editor, presenter, tour leader, tutor, vocalist and arts administrator. In recent years, on ABC Classic, he presented Screen Sounds, Sunday Recital, Classic Breakfast and many live concert broadcasts. His history of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Play On!, was published by ABC Books, and his annotations and articles appear regularly on ABC Classics albums and in the program books of Victorian Opera and the Australian symphony orchestras. For the last five years, he has tutored the Words About Music course at the Australian Youth Orchestra’s National Music Camp.

(Photo by Pia Johnson)


Current Tours:

English Country House Opera  |  09 – 20 July 2024 (12 days)

Out West Piano Fest  |  25 – 28 October 2024 (4 days)

Die Walküre in Concert  |  16 – 18 November 2024 (3 days)



“Phillip is an ideal tour leader. Not only is he knowledgeable about each of the performances attended, but he has a natural empathy for the well-being of everyone on the tour. One immediately warms to his friendliness and openness.”
Graham S.  |  New York Spring Rhapsody, 2023


“Phillip is a charming and very knowledgeable tour leader. He was great fun and amusing company. I would be delighted to travel with him again.”
Angela K.  |  The Ring in Bendigo, 2023


“Phillip sets out to make a positive difference and it shows….”
Robert R. |  Adelaide Festival, 2023


“Phillip was extremely impressive. His knowledge of music was encyclopaedic, and his style of presentation excellent. 11 out of 10.’’
Barbara C. |  Out West Piano Fest, 2022


“We were very privileged to have Phillip as our leader as his lectures are so inspiring and knowledgeable and special points to listen for in the music.’’
Evelyn T.  |  Out West Piano Fest, 2022


“Phillip was super-knowledgeable and added a lot of value to the tour. He made sure that things went smoothly and always stayed calm and cheerful.”
Caroline V.  |  Music by the Springs, 2022


“Phillip provided a wonderful balance of excellent knowledge, fun and good leadership.”
Kathryn D.  |  Sydney Opera & Music Extravaganza, 2021


“The best! Very knowledgeable and helpful. A delight to be with.’’
Kingsley G.  |  Coriole Music Festival, 2021


“Phillip is very knowledgeable and very friendly. He gave great attention to all his guests and his talks were excellent.’’
DArcy W.  |  Music by the Springs, 2021


“Phillip was personable, charming and very knowledgeable – the interviews he hosted were a highlight.”
Elaine L.  |  Adelaide Festival, 2021


Phillip was an absolute gem! Always so agreeable, amusing and charming.”
Nick B. |  Stemme and Lundgren in Hobart, 2019


“This was an incredible tour with Phillip having researched and presented a richly informative lecture on Wagner, and Parsifal in particular.
Joan T.  |  Wagner’s Parsifal in Melbourne, 2019

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